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Can the filter of the air purifier be washed? How to wash?

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The filter of the air purifier can be cleaned, but not all filters can be cleaned. In the air purifier, the pre-filter, HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter triple filter are the mainstream. The function and configuration of each layer of the screen is different, and the way of cleaning and maintenance is also different.
Primary filter: can be washed directly with water
Hepa filter: generally can not be washed
Activated carbon filter: sun exposure
Primary filter: This is also the first filter in the air purifier purification system. It mainly blocks pollutants from dust, hair and large particles of dander. It is the dirtiest filter in the air purifier. So can the initial filter be cleaned?
Most of the primary filter screens are made of various specifications of mesh. The cleaning with water does not cause damage to the filter itself. Most of the primary filter can be cleaned directly with water.
The function of hepa filter is to filter fine particles (also known as PM2.5), bacteria and allergens. It can be said that it is the core group of filters. Many people care about whether such a key core filter can be cleaned. What?
I am sorry to tell you that the HEPA filters used in most air purifiers cannot be cleaned by washing. This is also the material of the HEPA material itself, which is generally not washable.
So what happens after cleaning? Here, the president can tell you that if the HEPA filter is washed with water, it may look clean on the surface (at least white) but directly affects the purification efficiency. In most cases, the HEPA purification efficiency after cleaning is not rising or falling.
The role of activated carbon filter is very familiar to everyone. It mainly removes volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, chlorobenzene and air pollutants, and also plays the role of deodorization and odor removal.
Can the activated carbon filter be cleaned? First of all, the president's answer is YES. However, under normal circumstances, the cleaning and maintenance of the activated carbon filter is not so expensive. The easiest way is to put the filter in the sun for a day.
If you want to wash the activated carbon filter, then the water temperature should not be higher than 50 degrees, so that the activated carbon will not be deformed by high temperature. In addition, you can also add neutral detergent to clean, do not use strong acid and strong alkaline detergent to avoid chemical damage.