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As a basic enterprise that provides professional product solutions, Jieding has a product development team from model building, sample testing to mass production. It can complete the selection and optimization of each module according to the needs of customers. Product development time provides a strong guarantee for customers to enter the market further quickly.

1.Demand Analysis

Through active and in-depth communication, we fully understand the customer's requirements for products, and carry out a large number of investigation and analysis work that deeply communicates with the customer market. Strive to provide customers with more professional and more market-oriented solutions that exceed customer requirements.

2.Model Building

According to the customer's requirements, the product target performance index is output. The powerful excellent R&D design team will calculate the air volume, wind speed, filtration efficiency, pressure loss, deodorization ability, humidification capacity based on the client machine performance (motor capability, wind speed structure, noise, etc.). Dehumidification capacity, energy recovery rate and other additional functions (antibacterial, mildewproof, deodorant, etc.).

3.Sample Preparation

Using the industry's highest level of processing capability, the professional sample production team completes the sample production in strict accordance with the designer's design specifications. At the same time, through the most comprehensive process, high-precision professional testing equipment, through the inspection expert group on the product from raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, complete professional assessment.

4.Sample Evaluation

Make sure the sample meets the customer's requirements. We will thoroughly test each sample before submitting the sample and provide relevant test reports to the customer. Through the precision testing equipment and instruments, the massive experimental data in the sample test is collected, and the data and design modifications are continuously provided with strong data support, and the problems are corrected in time.


After obtaining the customer's design plan and sample confirmation, in order to ensure stability, the corresponding stage of the batch test, quantitative test (TP / MP) will be arranged, and various problems and details in the process will be strictly recorded, and relevant countermeasures will be quickly formulated and implemented to ensure In the progress, other related materials, tooling, mold, operation guidance, inspection guidance, staffing and other issues are fully solved, and the QDC quality delivery cost of the customer is finally met.