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CADR Test Chamber

30M3 CADR test chamber is established according to GB/T18801-2015 standard, equipped with highly precise tester from America, such as TSI 3340(Resolution : Within5% at 0.1 μm diameter. Particle Size Range : 0.90 to 7.5 μm optical size (PSL equivalent) Maximum Concentration:3000p/s and TSI8530 Resolution:±0.1% of reading of 0.001mg/m³ Particle Size Range :0.1-10μm Detective Range: 0.001-400mg/m³)

Chemical Laboratory

Chemical Lab :Chemical laboratory is established to research and develop new formula, catalyst etc, equipped with Gas Chromatograph and UV-Visible Spectrophotometer.Gas Chromatograph is Mainly used for VOC test, such as benzene, methylbenzene and xylene.UV-Visible Spectrophotometer is used for harmful gas test such as formaldehyde, ammonia, etc.

Filter Resistance and Efficiency Tester

Filter resistance and efficiency tester is developed by ASHRAE 52.2, its working theory is to simulate the actual working status of tested sample in the testing system, measuring and evaluating the resistance and efficiency of the tested sample base on the rated flow. Technical Spec.( Airflow: 10-150 m3/h , Resistance: 0-5000Pa Resolution: 0.1μm -5μm Efficiency: 20-99.999% ) Equipped with Laser Particle Counter Tester from PMS Co.(US), Model No.: LasairIII 110 Particle

Ozone Test Chamber

30m³ Ozone test chamber is established according to UL867 standard, equipped with highly precise ozone tester from American.