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Since its establishment, Jie Ding has been committed to improving the management level and business level of the company. After the efforts of Jie Ding people, we have obtained the internationally recognized ISO 9001/14001 quality management / environmental system certification.

At the same time, Jieding's testing center also obtained the certificate of “CNAS Accredited Laboratory” issued by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration, providing customers with the same testing services as the third-party testing laboratory to ensure that the performance of the product meets 100%.

We obtained certificates of UL, SGS, ITS and CTI, and test reports from national testing center. Our products comply with RoHS instructions and REACH regulations regarding management and control standards on hazardous materials, and passed international test on food contact materials by American FDA and German LFGB.

Since 2002 till now, we have obtained more than 30 patents by independent research,development and innovation. Two of them are invention patents. We obtained the “Hi-tech Enterprice” certificated from Chiniese Government since 2016.